Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More journaling work

Here are some more pages in my "let's learn to art journal" journal.

Oops,I need to start over

Keep trying

Not as bad, I like the birds

started as a card but too many screw ups

Side by side comparison

As you can clearly see, I have a long way to go. I am learning how to use mixed media and distress ink, stenciling, layering, distress paints, gesso, I figure it is a good way to use all these art supplies I have been collecting for years. I am still watching videos online about mixed media, but you can't learn unless you do it. I mean practice like many many times until you see what works and what you like.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Art Journaling

So, as I continue to enjoy stamping and paper crafting, I am learning some things along the way. Like I like watching YouTube Videos of new techniques and styles. I have always wondered about art journals. I didn't understand their purpose but liked the pretty pictures.I see people create big messes on paper and use mixed media products, and create all kinds of stuff. It is kinda cool. I'm better at a more controlled design, like seeing something and then recreating it in my own way so it is slightly different. Never really that good at making original art. Even as a kid I would sit and draw for hours, trying to copy pictures from the Sunday comics in the newspaper. I was pretty good at Snoopy! I can still draw him! But, not really an artist. Just like to make stuff.

I have been sick for 2 weeks with a wicked upper respiratory infection. During that time I started looking at pinterest images and looking at many different techniques and art journaling. Then I saw JoAnn's had Tim Holtz Distress inks on sale, 40% off! Wow! I had about 9 distress ink pads already but at that price I went a little crazy. I now have twice that many LOL. Time to use some of that stuff! So without further ado, I made my first art journal page. Don't laugh, I"ve got some learning to do. I am learning and my goal is to use the journal as evidence that I can stretch myself , use those supplies I never use and get artsy! Um helloo, I bought that Tattered Angels glimmer mist 5 years ago and never used it before! I have stencils and embossing paste and distress inks and even a stain to try! I am going for it.

This magically appeared in my drafts LOL...see next post

Art Journaling


Learning to create an art journal. Entry 1

I had written a clever and introspective blog post, pretend it didn't get locked up and have to be deleted to move on.

I'm teaching myself new techniques and stuff. Pretend you are reading all about it here. It involves things like glimmer mist and embossing paste and stuff.