Monday, October 30, 2006

Silly Rabbits.....tricks are for kids

Welcome to my kids and their crazy idea of fun! They were being silly tonight so I snapped a picture. Those are the rabbits, Rosie and Sugar. Rosie is Sugars mom and Sugar is twice her size now. My daughter wanted to know when her brother got so tall, he is gaining on her and will undoubtedly pass her up within a year. At 5'3" she is not very big, he on the other hand is already 5' and growing everyday. They sometimes do get along, especially when performing for a camera or putting on a show for us.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

New improved Snowflakes

Here is the new improved snowflake card . I used the corner punch and some silver cord to make it more sparkly. I also distressed the edges some. I used the designer label punch and more ribbon and embossed the word JOY . I wish I could photograph this card better because its fun and sparkly but I can't seem to get the right light. I am more happy with this one. If I changed anything else next time, I would use the Aida cloth Background stamp behind the central image and sentiment. I think it would have been more vintagy! I probably would sponge the edges too if I used the aida. Maybe I will do one more later. LOL.
*image colors are completely different in this light........the other one is done using the same paper but in different light.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Here is my first attempt at this set. I used Rainbow sparkle EP by Ranger over white craft ink. Bordering Blue is the background color and Amythist is the central image background color paper. I have a whole package of these little silver snowflakes to use and they are burning a hole in my pocket so expect to see more of them in my stamping future. I plan to remake this card in a little while to kick it up a notch. I want to see if I can improve it. I think I know how to make it have a little more oompf *wink wink*

Friday, October 27, 2006

I promise I will stamp sometime again soon. Maybe even later tonight. I have a sick child at home and my hubby is out of town so its a little hectic at my house this week. I have new rubber just itching to be used.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Life from Vegas

Hey everyone. I am alive and kickin' it up in Vegas. Had a great day gambling and hanging out. Listened to a life band at Toby Keiths Bar and Grill. Good times! Be home soon!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

And we are off !

This is probably my last post for the next 6-7 days or so. Heading to Vegas baby! I wanted to try out the color challenge and sketch challenge from SCS today. I was intrigued, really avoiding my houswork, and missing stamping. I combined the 2 challenges to save time. I am not sure if the sketch is practical because it makes writing inside the card limited to a small area.I guess I have more to say than fits in the space of a 3 x 3 area LOL. Anyway, the colors are tempting turquoise, celery green, and blush blossom. I chose the flower from Be Happy as my stamp set. Used Linen on the celery background. Celery and Turquoise ribbon are tied on after punching with the slot punch. Also thought I would use the slit punch on the lower corner. I wish I had tied on a piece of celery ribbon on the slit part after I was already scanning it in. Oh well I am always afraid to try to take it apart after I glue it down so it will have to stay the same as you see it now. Also its scanned slightly crooked, I tried. Enjoy!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Wheels Rock!

Here is my first card made with wheels. I have been in a slump as I have said and I have new rubber to use and no motivation other than peer pressure. LOL. I am happy with this new layout I tried. Its slightly funky and unusual for me. The colors are mellow moss and bravo burgandy. Its fun to wheel and I am not sure why I resisted buying them for so long. I only have the jumbo handle so I won't be getting the smaller one, it seems like a waste of time to me. Making multiple passes and all. I am so lazy its crazy. Anyway, I am trying to work on my creativity. Trying to get RAKs sent and all. Happy Stamping!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Blushing Blossom

This card is for my grandmother's birthday. It will be a litle late and I feel bad about that. I hope she understands. I know she will but she is always early with my birthday cards so I am feeling guilty.I embossed the main image in black and then colored it with markers. It is stamped on glossy white paper to fancy it up a little and I used a corner punch to add some detail. It needed to be matted on black to add that extra special touch. The next layer is apricot paper stamped with the French Script background stamp and embellished with a pink organdy ribbon. The final layer is blush cardstock stamped in blush ink using the print pattern background stamp. I had trouble adding the sentiment and was headed a whole nother direction when I started. I had thought I wanted to use my window punch with the sentiment stamped on it and dangle it from the knot in the ribbon but I could not get it to lay flat or look right. I even tried using a brad to attach it and put the back of the brad through the ribbon and nothing was working. So I ended up stamping it on the bottom where you see it now. Its slightly crooked and bugging me but I refuse to trash a card over a crooked sentiment. I am going to tell myself that its artistic interest to add it slightly crooked and it makes it more personal.*rolls eyes* Anyway I am happy to have stamped today.