Thursday, April 26, 2007

Virginia Beach and SU Regionals

I have to say, The SU part of my trip was not nearly as fun as hanging out with the SCS crowd and with my friends at Cyndi's house. The phrase "Better Your Best" has stuck in my head though after they played it over and over again as the theme song. We made several projects and I messed most of mine up. I did learn a few new things and some really cool folds for little scrappy albums. I feel like SU was really pushing the scrap end of the business. I did enjoy most of the demonstrations and even though a couple were not so great, the overall convention was a success. I did realize that the Double Line Doodle set is much cuter in real life than what I have seen online. I liked it alot. I really wanted to win a free set and was disappointed that no one at our table won one, but thats just how it goes sometimes. I went as a guest to Jody, or Cyndi as they are both Demos and I am not one. The whole message that I felt was pushed was to demonstrate reproducable "wow" projects only their idea of wow is nothing compared to what we see as wow on SCS everyday. I am a little hard nut to crack aren't I? I got a big kick out of the reactions that the people that won free stuff had. Talk about the "Price is Right come on down reactions" LOL that was fun. The presenters were also enjoyable and did their projects with humor and enthusiasm. I would go back to one if I ever got the chance again.

I also had the chance to do some retail therapy. We went to a LSS that is near Cyndi' s house called Scrap n' Memories, then AC Moore, Then a Stamp Store in Williamsburg, Michaels, and I think that was it. I was able to find something to buy in every place (imagine that) We had some 40% off coupons for AC Moore that worked there and at Micheals so that was nice. I probably would have spent a lot more had I been given more time at the stamp store but the owners were rude and turned the lights out on us. They missed out because the 4 of us are big time spenders when its really cool stuff. Oh well. Sad for them.

This is a gift from my friend Jody aka Texasjodylynn. She makes beautiful projects for the Dirty Dozen gallery on SCS and I am so proud to have a few originals from her. She made a album for each of us that has the story of the first times we met in real life......its something I will always cherish. She also gave them to us in an alterable tin and through in a few other goodies as well. Thank You Jody!

This nightlight covered in the fabulous Romani paper from Basic Grey was created by my friend Tracy (kid305) I have been coveting one of these for the past year ever since she made one for the SCS Austin Gathering Door prize in April of '06. Finally I hinted enough for her to make me one! Thank you Tracy......I love it and its in my kitchen.

I have to say that I had so so much fun this weekend with my stampin' friends that I would do it again in a heartbeat! We acted like school girls and giggled, and stamped, and shopped , and we ate some fabulous food (a some not so fabulous) and we even played tourist to Old Colonial Williamsburg. I really enjoyed myself.

These are the gifts I made for the girls they are card holders to keep the cards we stamped while we were together. They are made form matboard covered in designer papers.

This is a picture of Jody and Tracy on the airplane seats D, E, and F girls! We flew from DFW on the same flight both going out to VA and on the return. It was so hard to say goodbye!

And Last but not least, no trip would be complete without a shot of the back of Cyndi's head! Its a joke we have between us. We are always looking at the back of Cyndi's head for some reason when we get together!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taking a break

I will be taking a little break for about a week from blogging. I am not making anything right now because I am concentrating on my trip to the SU regionals in Virginia this week. I had some projects that I am working on that are secret and I can't show anyone until I get back. Gifties and such. I am bursting with anticipation for the trip. I fly out on Thursday April 19 and return Monday April 23. We are staying with our friend Cyndi (CPW3431) and I will be traveling with my friends Jody (Texasjodylyn) and Tracy(kid305). We are all three flying in to meet at DFW and then we are on the same flights to Virginia.....I hope the airlines have earplugs for the other passengers because we can TALK when we get together. We have lots to say about everything and we get loud when we are excited. LMBO! I can hardly wait! I seriously am ready to leave right this minute! I have started packing and planning and can't stop checking the weather forecasts and such. I think its going to be very springy while we are there because the bad weather is moving through this weekend and will have cleared before we arrive.

We plan to go to the SU regional convention on Friday, then have a SCS dinner/cardswap with door prizes afterwards. We are going to a really cool waterfront restaurant(I have already been looking at the menu online). I can't wait to meet other SCS people in real life! At some point during the weekend we are heading to the beach to have a look at the Atlantic Ocean. I have never been to the East coast so I am excited about it. We may even go sight seeing in Colonial Williamsburg over the weekend. There are many historic sights to see in the area. I love all that Civil War era stuff because I used to read romance novels set in that time period. I will have lots of pictures (I hope) to post when I get back. I am not the best photographer but the last time we all got together I was too busy to take pictures and I still regret it. This time I promise to be better.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Easter

A little something to see before we leave for Easter. Just headed to our parents houses so it will be busy. I stamped this this morning while I was waiting for my hair to dry. LOL. I am still loving the Penny Black stamps.Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Penny Black score!

Its a Penny Black card explosion! I promise to stop as soon as I am out of ideas! The new PB catty came out and I went a little crazy. I bought like 11 stamps or something like that. Right now I am casing the cards that sold me on the sets in the first place. Hopefully I will come up with my own layouts soon. They are fun stamps!