Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taking a break

I will be taking a little break for about a week from blogging. I am not making anything right now because I am concentrating on my trip to the SU regionals in Virginia this week. I had some projects that I am working on that are secret and I can't show anyone until I get back. Gifties and such. I am bursting with anticipation for the trip. I fly out on Thursday April 19 and return Monday April 23. We are staying with our friend Cyndi (CPW3431) and I will be traveling with my friends Jody (Texasjodylyn) and Tracy(kid305). We are all three flying in to meet at DFW and then we are on the same flights to Virginia.....I hope the airlines have earplugs for the other passengers because we can TALK when we get together. We have lots to say about everything and we get loud when we are excited. LMBO! I can hardly wait! I seriously am ready to leave right this minute! I have started packing and planning and can't stop checking the weather forecasts and such. I think its going to be very springy while we are there because the bad weather is moving through this weekend and will have cleared before we arrive.

We plan to go to the SU regional convention on Friday, then have a SCS dinner/cardswap with door prizes afterwards. We are going to a really cool waterfront restaurant(I have already been looking at the menu online). I can't wait to meet other SCS people in real life! At some point during the weekend we are heading to the beach to have a look at the Atlantic Ocean. I have never been to the East coast so I am excited about it. We may even go sight seeing in Colonial Williamsburg over the weekend. There are many historic sights to see in the area. I love all that Civil War era stuff because I used to read romance novels set in that time period. I will have lots of pictures (I hope) to post when I get back. I am not the best photographer but the last time we all got together I was too busy to take pictures and I still regret it. This time I promise to be better.


Sharon said...

I'm sooo jealous! Have a great time and give all the girls a hug for me! :)

Sherri aka sherristampsalot said...

Hey!!! Waving at you from Virginia! I can't wait to meet you this weekend!!! Definitely get yourselves to the oceanfront, and if you do go to Williamsburg (that's where I live!) take a walk down Duke of Gloucester Street. We also have a car ferry that's pretty coool if you've never been on one before. Woo Hoo! Only a few more days til Regionals!!! Can ya tell I'm *excited*?!?