Monday, October 29, 2007

Bella Sketch challenge

SCS has a new thing going on for the Bellas. I happened to spot the first sketch challenge using Bellas. I only have 2 Bella stamps right now (I ordered 5 more about 3 weeks ago) so I really don't hang out in the Bella forum much. I am pleased with how this one turned out.
  • Paper: celery, rose red, chocolate chip, white, basic Grey Pheobe
  • Stamps: Cakeabella, Happy Birthday from Amuse
  • Supplies: Heidi Swap ghost flower, brads, ribbon, sewing machine, quickie glue pen, glitter

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Papertrey Tins

I decided to try a nugget tin today. I have had these sitting around for weeks and had yet to use them. I realize that lavender is not a very Christmas like color but, its the only full size chalk ink pad I have and well, you should know by now that I am lazy. LOL. I didn't want to take my small dew drop size ink pad and reapply the ink for all those labels. Its much more efficient to tap the stamp onto the ink than vice-versa.I also had a 12 x 12 sheet of Lavender CS which was need to make a band to go around the tin. Decision to use lavender was made! Anyway, I used the Hershey Nuggets with Milk chocolate and Almonds, had fun eating a few while I stamped too! *wink* I will get better at this if I keep practicing, today was the first try at those adress labels, I had some trouble getting it lined up just right. Even though the stamps are clear and the block is clear, the lines on the labels are very hard to see. It may be my eyes or the light, maybe I need jewlers loops LOL. Enjoy!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hero Arts Clear Stamps

Today I decided to break out a new set I "just had to have" after I used the same little birdie on a shoebox card while I was in Salt Lake City. The set is from Hero Arts and I got the clear version. I believe they make a wood mounted version with 3 little birds in a set. HeroArts are not usually a favorite of mine but I liked this one.
  • River Rock paper, Artichoke paper, Basic Grey Dasher (Flannel Shirt), White
  • Hero Arts Laughter & Meriment Set, Riviting by Stampin Up, Amuse oval
  • Stampin Up Scallop Punch, Paper piercer, Deminsionals, Sewing Machine
  • Colored with Watercolor Crayons

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bwahahahaha! I baked!

I decided to bake a loaf of banana bread today. I had a whole bunch of over ripe naners this week. Well, I *may* have added a little too much to one pan. I should have divided the batter into 2 loafs but I am a lazy baker and decided that the silicon baking pan could expand. Well it did. It barely contained the loaf! I had a *Lucy and Ethel* momment when I opened the door and saw this monster! It smells great and I hope it tastes as good!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Amuse and Apple Cider Paper

Finally opened my brand spankin' new pack of paper...I have had it over a month now. I like most of it but there are a couple pages I am not so sure about. Still perfecting my sewing technique here too.

  • Stamps: Flannel Plaid, Amuse Pumkin Tent, Amuse Sentiment, Amuse Fence
  • Paper: Really Rust, Chocolate chip, DS Apple Cider from SU, Shimmery Vanilla
  • Ink: Markers in River Rock, Really Rust, Cocoa, Versamark
  • Hardware: Really rust eyelet, Buckle from We Are Memory Keepers
  • Linen Thread, Stitched ribbon in River Rock, deminsionals, Rectangular Scallop Punch

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SCS color challenge day

Today's color challenge is Soft Sky, Purely Pomagranite, and Basic Grey. I really like these colors and tried hard to stick with just those and none other. Stamps used are Garden Whimsey, Linen, Aida, and Polka dots. The party punch tab set for the tab and sentiment. Love the SU stitched ribbons and use them every chance I get. I tried to see if glitter would work here but decided against it. Not feeling sparkly today. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ta- Da!

Here it is.....the finished product!

Holly Berry House Medallions

Grrrr! I have been fooling around trying to teach myself how to do a Holly Berry House medallion style stamp. I have one stamp called Waterlily. Its very pretty and I bought it while visiting in Virginia back in April. I thought I could do it. I thought I could use my Art Institute Glitters and my pretty stamp and make a really special thing. Its frustrating me to no end. I didn't like the pastel ones I have seen online so I thought I would do mine in monochromatic black/grey/white. Its started off great. I embossed it in silver EP, stamped it twice on black, twice on basic grey, twice on going grey, and twice on white. On the white pieces I used markers to color it in the greys. It looked great. Then I started cutting out each layer. This is where it got dicey. I am not that great at cutting. I did my very best though. It looked okay. I lined up each layer to figure out where the glitters would go, stepped back and looked at it awhile. Then I had to make a decision about my glitter colors. I chose to use transparent glitters in Sea Shell and Blue Rain(they both look white or holographic to me). Then I had to figure out the metal tip that goes on the art institute glue. Its a special tip that is extremely narrow. I could not get glue to come through it. I tried using a pin to see if it was clogged, it wasn't, I could blow air through it. I have no idea why it doesn't work but it didn't. So in frustration I took some heavy duty wire cutter and I cut the tip off. LOL. When all else fails....cut it up and see if that works. Oddly enough, it did. I got the glue to come out finally. Now I got all these spaces I thought would look good glittered all filled in. Waited for it to dry. Then I hated it. It was too much glitter on 2 layers. So I stamped them again and started those layers over again. I still don't like one layer. So I do it again. Grrrr! Now I am waiting for it to dry. I am going to take a picture soon and show you before I make it into a card but I really am not having fun now. Its a mess. All that glitter everywhere. I think I must be one of those people that only likes a little glitz and bling.*sigh* BBL
Stuff everywhere, glitter everywhere, pieces of paper everywhere. I sure hope its worth it in the end. I still haven't put the card together!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No making fun of me!

Its not pretty sewing....but its the first attempt at it. I tried, I really did. Just don't look closely! I used the polished stone technique on glossy cardstock for the main background. I am experimenting with these colors for a tin I plan to alter. I used a whole sheet of glossy trying to get it right and decided to make some cards using it.. Inks are Ranger Alcohol inks in Latte', Mushroom and Pearl mixative. The papers are creamy caramel, chocolate chip and vanilla shimmery papers. Stamps by Penny Black. Stop laughing....I can hear you!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It's here, It's here!

Here its is. Isn't it just so cute and little? I got my Jenome Sew mini machine today. I have to read the instructions before I attempt using it but I plan to use it to sew on cards. I have 2 other sewing machines but they are really big and bulky, not to mention older than the Carter years in the white house. I didn't pay for those other machines so I feel like I could justify this one. It's new and shiny and clean. It also will sew a zig-zag stitch which my old machine wouldn't do on paper. I broke a needle on my last project so I needed to get a machine that would work on paper crafting. It is just so compact. I will miss having a light underneath by the needle but I think it will be okay. I can just get my reading glasses out for threading the needle. Anyway, I hope to create something soon using this cutie!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remember the Incident?

Anyone remember the story about the very naughty bunny that escaped and was found in the same cage as his mama? Well, I took both the rabbits to the vet yesterday to have them spayed and neutered. I was completely convinced that Rosie was raped and would be having a million babies that I would never find homes for. She was nesting and pulling her fur and making a spot to give birth and showing signs of pregnancy in my eyes. I knew it was a bunny emergency! I just knew it! Well, I went to pick up the naughty bunnies last night after "the deed" had been done. I asked the technician if Rosie had indeed been preggers because they charge more if she had been. Guess what? She was not pregnant afterall. I was completely wrong. Sugar had just attacked her for the fun of it! She had bite marks all over her from him. He is such a little devil to her. So now I feel like an idiot. I could have saved myself a hefty sum of of money (to be used on stamping). I could have just had him fixed and my problems would be over! Now poor Rosie needs pain meds for the next 3 days. We also have meds for mites. Rosie had a wicked case of mites we didn't know about. So they both have to take mite meds every 14 days for 4 rounds. What a pain in the tush these bunnies are! The kids are afraid of the bunnies mouths so I am the medicine giver once again! I get stuck with all the fun jobs around here. I keep telling the kids that rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain and they need to stop being afraid of them. They are rabbits......nothing to fear there! *sheesh* I had to show them how to get them to open the rabbits mouth and insert a syringe full of the medicine. The lick like crazy when the medicine goes in so I know they got it. The rabbits have never bitten the kids but they still are afraid that they might. I on the other hand am not really afraid of them, after all I hold them on their backs like babies and trim their toenails when they get too long. Anyway, just thought I would share another Bunnytale. They are cute little things, I just wish they weren't so needy!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Amuse Saturday

Here are 2 cards I was inspired to make following Geeta's class on Saturday at Memory Depot. Her cards were better but I feel like I need to make my own and not copy someone else's work so I come home and see what I can come up with. In a few minutes I will post her designs so you can see the difference.. Here are 2 of Geeta's cards Iwas inspired by to make my own.

And then I made this one:After seeing this one:

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I am home again

*Whew* what a great trip! I can generally tell I have had a great time somewhere when I am so tired I can't even function the next day when I have returned. I am sooooo tired! When we arrived on Saturday the high was supposed to be 59 but wow, it was 36 and snowing! The first picture was the snow on the mountain outside Kristin's house. It was very fun for this Texan to get to experience some some this time of year! I was wearing short sleeves and sandals but was Okay by me! We were greeted by Kristin and Cyndi holding a big sign with Jody's picture on it like they were a limo was not the most flattering photo of her, she was sporting her telephone strapped to her head by a stretchy headband that we fondly call her toothless bluetooth! It was a PIMP moment for sure. Teresa, Cyndi, Kristin, Jody and I then took off for the Scrapbook Expo. We shopped and took it all in and met up with the other half of our group that had arrived early.

Saturday night we played Bunco and ate homemade Stromboli and had a few pitchers of margaritas and won fabulous prizes. My bag was a share of colorful striped ribbon, bright buttons, and Swavorski flat back crystals! Yeah me! Everyone had a great prize for sure!

Sunday was stamp day. We all made shoebox swaps so we could stamp all day. The Trident gum package and the 6 x 6 mat board album were the designs I brought. We tried to get all our stamping done but it was way too much to do for just one day. Everyone pulled out their best work and we had many projects to work on. We talked and laughed and stamped the day away. Kristin made us some yummy burgers for lunch and we took a break in the evening for dinner.

We drove up to Park City where the former Olympics were held for a fun dinner at Squatters . They sell T-shirts there for Polygamy Beer which I thought was funny enough to buy for my hubby. I had some yummy pork chops for dinner and a girlie martini.

Monday we woke up and had a nice breakfast . Then we dressed and headed out to the shopping! Armed with coupons we hit the stores running and lasted all day. We scored big hits at Roberts, Hobby Lobby, Archivers and All My Memories. Some of us might have gone a little crazy with the shopping, I won't name names of course but lets just say extra suitcases may have been needed to get the stuff home. *wink wink*

Monday night we were home maybe 20 minutes and while I was cooking cheese fondue for us to munch on , the electricity went out. It stayed off for most of the night. Fortunately for us, Lisa figured out she could grill our chicken outside on the grill so dinner may have been late but not a complete bust! We ended the evening with chocolate fondue. It was great. We told stories around the fondue pots and the fireplace. It was camping the comfortable way! We barely had any sleep when it was time for us to leave.

So hard to say goodbye to everyone. I had such a great time visiting with my friends and hanging out together in real life instead of just online. They are all a great bunch of girls and I am so happy and proud to call them all my friends.