Saturday, October 27, 2007

Papertrey Tins

I decided to try a nugget tin today. I have had these sitting around for weeks and had yet to use them. I realize that lavender is not a very Christmas like color but, its the only full size chalk ink pad I have and well, you should know by now that I am lazy. LOL. I didn't want to take my small dew drop size ink pad and reapply the ink for all those labels. Its much more efficient to tap the stamp onto the ink than vice-versa.I also had a 12 x 12 sheet of Lavender CS which was need to make a band to go around the tin. Decision to use lavender was made! Anyway, I used the Hershey Nuggets with Milk chocolate and Almonds, had fun eating a few while I stamped too! *wink* I will get better at this if I keep practicing, today was the first try at those adress labels, I had some trouble getting it lined up just right. Even though the stamps are clear and the block is clear, the lines on the labels are very hard to see. It may be my eyes or the light, maybe I need jewlers loops LOL. Enjoy!


texasjodylynn said...

That is super duper adorable! I love the snowflake wrappers! Do I have that set? I love it! :)

CraftyEngineer said...

PURPLE!!! LOVE IT Karen! Nicole said something about taking away the paper in between the labels on the Avery sheet (if yours has it) to be able to see the label itself. I had the same issue you did and THEN I read her advice, so I haven't tried it myself!

Rochelle W said...

I love using non traditional colors for holidays. Purple is great for Christmas.