Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I am home again

*Whew* what a great trip! I can generally tell I have had a great time somewhere when I am so tired I can't even function the next day when I have returned. I am sooooo tired! When we arrived on Saturday the high was supposed to be 59 but wow, it was 36 and snowing! The first picture was the snow on the mountain outside Kristin's house. It was very fun for this Texan to get to experience some some this time of year! I was wearing short sleeves and sandals but was Okay by me! We were greeted by Kristin and Cyndi holding a big sign with Jody's picture on it like they were a limo was not the most flattering photo of her, she was sporting her telephone strapped to her head by a stretchy headband that we fondly call her toothless bluetooth! It was a PIMP moment for sure. Teresa, Cyndi, Kristin, Jody and I then took off for the Scrapbook Expo. We shopped and took it all in and met up with the other half of our group that had arrived early.

Saturday night we played Bunco and ate homemade Stromboli and had a few pitchers of margaritas and won fabulous prizes. My bag was a share of colorful striped ribbon, bright buttons, and Swavorski flat back crystals! Yeah me! Everyone had a great prize for sure!

Sunday was stamp day. We all made shoebox swaps so we could stamp all day. The Trident gum package and the 6 x 6 mat board album were the designs I brought. We tried to get all our stamping done but it was way too much to do for just one day. Everyone pulled out their best work and we had many projects to work on. We talked and laughed and stamped the day away. Kristin made us some yummy burgers for lunch and we took a break in the evening for dinner.

We drove up to Park City where the former Olympics were held for a fun dinner at Squatters . They sell T-shirts there for Polygamy Beer which I thought was funny enough to buy for my hubby. I had some yummy pork chops for dinner and a girlie martini.

Monday we woke up and had a nice breakfast . Then we dressed and headed out to the shopping! Armed with coupons we hit the stores running and lasted all day. We scored big hits at Roberts, Hobby Lobby, Archivers and All My Memories. Some of us might have gone a little crazy with the shopping, I won't name names of course but lets just say extra suitcases may have been needed to get the stuff home. *wink wink*

Monday night we were home maybe 20 minutes and while I was cooking cheese fondue for us to munch on , the electricity went out. It stayed off for most of the night. Fortunately for us, Lisa figured out she could grill our chicken outside on the grill so dinner may have been late but not a complete bust! We ended the evening with chocolate fondue. It was great. We told stories around the fondue pots and the fireplace. It was camping the comfortable way! We barely had any sleep when it was time for us to leave.

So hard to say goodbye to everyone. I had such a great time visiting with my friends and hanging out together in real life instead of just online. They are all a great bunch of girls and I am so happy and proud to call them all my friends.

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Lisa said...

What can I say? I have mad barbeque skillz! :)