Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holly Berry House Medallions

Grrrr! I have been fooling around trying to teach myself how to do a Holly Berry House medallion style stamp. I have one stamp called Waterlily. Its very pretty and I bought it while visiting in Virginia back in April. I thought I could do it. I thought I could use my Art Institute Glitters and my pretty stamp and make a really special thing. Its frustrating me to no end. I didn't like the pastel ones I have seen online so I thought I would do mine in monochromatic black/grey/white. Its started off great. I embossed it in silver EP, stamped it twice on black, twice on basic grey, twice on going grey, and twice on white. On the white pieces I used markers to color it in the greys. It looked great. Then I started cutting out each layer. This is where it got dicey. I am not that great at cutting. I did my very best though. It looked okay. I lined up each layer to figure out where the glitters would go, stepped back and looked at it awhile. Then I had to make a decision about my glitter colors. I chose to use transparent glitters in Sea Shell and Blue Rain(they both look white or holographic to me). Then I had to figure out the metal tip that goes on the art institute glue. Its a special tip that is extremely narrow. I could not get glue to come through it. I tried using a pin to see if it was clogged, it wasn't, I could blow air through it. I have no idea why it doesn't work but it didn't. So in frustration I took some heavy duty wire cutter and I cut the tip off. LOL. When all else fails....cut it up and see if that works. Oddly enough, it did. I got the glue to come out finally. Now I got all these spaces I thought would look good glittered all filled in. Waited for it to dry. Then I hated it. It was too much glitter on 2 layers. So I stamped them again and started those layers over again. I still don't like one layer. So I do it again. Grrrr! Now I am waiting for it to dry. I am going to take a picture soon and show you before I make it into a card but I really am not having fun now. Its a mess. All that glitter everywhere. I think I must be one of those people that only likes a little glitz and bling.*sigh* BBL
Stuff everywhere, glitter everywhere, pieces of paper everywhere. I sure hope its worth it in the end. I still haven't put the card together!


Teresa said...

It is gorgeous, definitely worth all that work!!!!!

Karen said...

It is gorgeous! I love your colour scheme, and prefer it to the pastel ones on-line too. I could feel your pain as you figured out how to make the medallion. Don't you hate it when you see a gorgeous sample and struggle to re-create it in your own style? That's happened to me for sure.