Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remember the Incident?

Anyone remember the story about the very naughty bunny that escaped and was found in the same cage as his mama? Well, I took both the rabbits to the vet yesterday to have them spayed and neutered. I was completely convinced that Rosie was raped and would be having a million babies that I would never find homes for. She was nesting and pulling her fur and making a spot to give birth and showing signs of pregnancy in my eyes. I knew it was a bunny emergency! I just knew it! Well, I went to pick up the naughty bunnies last night after "the deed" had been done. I asked the technician if Rosie had indeed been preggers because they charge more if she had been. Guess what? She was not pregnant afterall. I was completely wrong. Sugar had just attacked her for the fun of it! She had bite marks all over her from him. He is such a little devil to her. So now I feel like an idiot. I could have saved myself a hefty sum of of money (to be used on stamping). I could have just had him fixed and my problems would be over! Now poor Rosie needs pain meds for the next 3 days. We also have meds for mites. Rosie had a wicked case of mites we didn't know about. So they both have to take mite meds every 14 days for 4 rounds. What a pain in the tush these bunnies are! The kids are afraid of the bunnies mouths so I am the medicine giver once again! I get stuck with all the fun jobs around here. I keep telling the kids that rabbits are at the bottom of the food chain and they need to stop being afraid of them. They are rabbits......nothing to fear there! *sheesh* I had to show them how to get them to open the rabbits mouth and insert a syringe full of the medicine. The lick like crazy when the medicine goes in so I know they got it. The rabbits have never bitten the kids but they still are afraid that they might. I on the other hand am not really afraid of them, after all I hold them on their backs like babies and trim their toenails when they get too long. Anyway, just thought I would share another Bunnytale. They are cute little things, I just wish they weren't so needy!

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Stamper Gail said...

Great news. I honestly don't think you wasted your money though because, female bunnies can get uterine cancer if they dont have litters and are not spayed. You did the right thing. They will both be much happier not having to deal with the hormonal stuff anymore. Good for you!