Monday, July 14, 2008

Were ba-ack!

A very short long weekend at lake LBJ in Kingsland, Texas and I am so tired! We had so very much fun getting together, it was great. My MIL finally made it to a family function away from home. It was so wonderful. She has been an invalid with right-sided paralysis and speech paralysis for 3 years following a long recovery from a rare disease called TTP. My husbands family has 7 kids and we are all married with kids and we try to get together once a year to go on vacation in the summer. We were missing a few members this year due to a new birth, and my BIL Steve had to work back in Guam, my 17 yo DD stayed home to work so she was missed too. Luckily my SIL was able to bring the kids from Guam and attend. The kids all have cousins to play with and normally they all play great together and get along very well. It makes the grown-ups able to visit and enjoy ourselves. We now have teenagers chasing the little ones so there is lots of help. We always have way too much food and we always eat too much. We might even drink too much. I think we made a reservation for the same resort next year, it was awesome! Next year we are going to try to get a house with a pool though. We stayed next door to one and they let us use the pool on Saturday which was awesome! It just so happened that one of my SIL's was very good friends to the people staying next door with the pool and it was pure coincidence that we were all there at the same time. Talk about a small world!

This picture you are seeing is the infamous family photo....every year we try and take a family picture. Its a mess. There are so many of us and no one is ever ready. We try to get a *good* shot and then we do the crazy face shot. We are missing my in-laws, they had to leave before the photo was taken. Today I recover and wash laundry! Glad to be home but ready for next year!

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