Saturday, February 06, 2010

Where have I been?

I have been on a little trip. I went to see my dear friend Jody Morrow in New Mexico for a few days. It's been a very long time since we had a friend weekend and I feel like we deserved one! My son had off from school for the first three days in February so I packed him off to grandma's house and took off. We had a great time hanging out, sight seeing, gambling, stamping , and talking up a storm. We went to White Sands, Riodoso, and El Paso. We shopped and ate and did I mention gambled? There is a casino in Riososo called Inn of the Mountain Gods. I loved it! I got to play a few slots and win a little, then lost a little more, but had a great time. here is a picture of me throwing a snow ball outside the casino.

Don't looked at my wind blown hair...I didn't know it looked like that when she took my picture LOL. On the way home we stopped at the Pistacio farm claiming to have the worlds largest pistacio. Another photo op.

Look how small I look *grin* I bought some super hot chili flavored pistacio nuts for my hubby that are too hot to eat LOL. The garlic flavor ones were a hit and are already gone. As is the pistacio toffee and pistacio crunch that I bought. Yummy!

  The next day we went to White Sands National Park with Jody's kids. We watched them slide down the dunes on their disks. It is crazy how beautiful the sand is in the middle of the desert.
Can you see the snow capped mountains in the background? I think it's beautiful there. I wish I had my whole family there with me. Maybe next time.

Before I left I made Jody a little gift set. It had socks, a cold gel eyemask, chapstick, chocolate, nail polish and bath salts.

 Tomorrow I will show off some of the cards i made in New Mexico.
  I always enjoy stamping with Jody.


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