Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Watercolorclass Homework

So I have done some pre- class homework. I used Arches cold press paper. A combination of Windsor Newton and QOR by Golden Artists watercolor tubes. I have to admit, its harder than I thought. I originally used Canson 90lb paper, ran it through my printer and discovered that my HP inkjet ink is not waterproof. LOL. What a mess! I'll show you!

bad swatching with inkjet

color wheel, inkjet

glazing, inkjet, so messy its embarrassing

swatching with a Sharpie

transparency test and lift ability test

So so much work to be done here! Going to need to re-do the glazing...I lost my patience and walked away. Too much water and not enough dry time. Probably going to try and hand draw a new color wheel in sharpie as well.I bought professional grade tiny tubes to start. I need a more transparent yellow too. I have Cadmium Yellow and Naples Yellow. Neither is really good for mixing. My Hobby Lobby was oput of the other yellows recommended for the class.

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Carol H. said...

Hello there from Arlington, TX! I think yours turned out good! My glazing turned into a hot mess! LOL! My color wheel is just OK. The swatches turned out fine. I'm not posting mine though! This class may be way over my head! Good job!