Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I "heart" Hobby Lobby and Primas

I just love these bra and panty Primas! They are adorable. Each flower is altered in some way, either with dots or words or lace. Too Cute! The problem is...the containers are blister packs! They are not resealable in any way! Once its open, siyonara baby! So, Jody , the expert in all things crafty, recommended a craft case she had gotten from HL that has dividers that are spaced good and the primas would fit in them. Voila' it works!

I had more than can fit in one container, so, I luckily purchased a second container LOL. Why buy one when you know you will need two(eventually). I am thinking of putting the Sprites in there too. Those packs are too hard to store as well. I will use them better if they are stored where I can get at them.


Lisa said...

Dang girl. You are so lucky. I love those bras and panties! LOL

I can't find them here yet. Is sad.

Great way to hoard them, I mean store them for organized use. Yeah, right! :)

Lorien Clark said...

Hi there! You are tagged!!! List 7 things about yourself and tag 7 others!

Janette said...

Hello! Nice to meet another Prima fans :) I added your blog link to mine


Alli said...

Very cool idea, I shoved all mine into one jar, lol. Yours look so much better. The sprites are fine in the boxes, I find, but now I have 20 packets of bra and panties in one glass jar, not good planning.