Monday, January 14, 2008

2 designs one card

To watercolor or not to watercolor? That is my question. I origianlly

wanted this card to just be simple and clean looking. But then I stared at it too long and thought that it should be colored in around the flower petals. It was looking naked to me. I fooled around with it and colored it in anyway and now it looks like this:
so messy or not messy? What do you think?


texasjodylynn said...

I like it colored! Good decision! :)



Teresa said...

They are both great cards, but I think I prefer it not colored - lol ;)

Lastel said...

Like the not colored one better , but they are both great cards !

Amanda Sewell said...

Hmmm, I cast my vote for watercolored! It is a great card either way though :)