Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aaaack! It's fathers day

Well, This is absolutely the last time I will wait until the last minute to make the cards! I swear, you heard it here first, I mean it this time, really! This is card number 1, its for my husband from our children and me.
And here we have number will be for my father and it will have a gift card to Barnes and Noble inside. I kinda cased this from the PTI web gallery. I had to make a bunch od substitutions for stuf I don't own.*sigh*
And here is number three..........notice how I started out strong with my first card, then the second one was a little more simple, and here on the third card, ten minute A Muse style card ! My FIL golfs so he gets this one. Its blurry in the photo, I tried , I really tried to un-blur it. At 1am, I just can't do it anymore. Its as good as it gets.

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texasjodylynn said...

All 3 cards are GREAT!