Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Welcome Home Baby!

Lookie what I brought home from the *store* yesterday! A brand spankin' new Limited Edition Toyota Rav4! WoooHoooo! I need to park it out front and get some better pictures but I wanted to see how it fit in my teeny garage space last night and protect it from the sprinklers that ran this morning. Its freshly washed LOL. Its Pacific Blue Metallic color with ash/grey leather seats. I am so excited! We usually buy used cars but with the way modern technology is, and the gas situation, we decided it was better to get new this time. It has lots of special features that I love, I can even plug my iPod into it (after I get the cord I need). It is so much better than my giant Expedition! I will be doubling my gas milage. We unfortunatly still need to unload the Expedition, trade in value was really horrible and we felt we could sell it ourselves and make more money, or we could just park it out at the deer lease and let it rot LOL. No one is in the market for giant gas guzzling SUV's right now.


stampin_melissa said...

*sniff* Ah, that new car smell! Yummy! ;D

imagistra said...

What a gorgeous color, and all shiny! How fun to have a brand new car, and a more economical one at that.

Helen in San Antonio (whose new car purchased in November still gives her thrills!)

Tracy Paulk said...

Nobody but me - lol! My new '08 Suburban is only gettin' 14.2 mpg and while it's soooooo nice, the gas thing's about to kick my bootaaay! lol Love it Karen - especially the color. You go girl!