Tuesday, January 13, 2009

someday I will stamp

Well maybe. I did try yesterday , I even colored an image. Maybe I will make something out of it soon. Lately I have been having some issues. I am experiencing low Iron and B12 according to the hematologist I am seeing. She is sending me on to the GI doctor to see if its an absorption thing or poor diet thing. I am thinking its diet. But I really don't know. I hate getting old, I truly do! Its been depressing me, or is having no energy depressing me? I don't know. I am taking B12 and Iron tablets right now and should see an improvement soon.

Meanwhile, Hubby has himself a little accident involving the back of his truck and a chair. He was standing on a chair when the chair broke out from under him and really did a number on his leg. Here is proof of his pain>

So anyway, he goes to the doctor because it was killing him after 3 days of suffering and is told he will be fine in about 2-3 weeks. But, he is told he is in deep trouble for not following up from a heart scan he had 2 years earlier. The doctor pulls out the results and explains to him that he is in danger of having a heart attack any day , a walking time bomb. He's got plaque in his arteries. For the past 2 years he was reading the results himself completely wrong! He has the heart of a 59 year old(he's 46) and he needs to go have blood work, a sleep study, and he needs to quit dipping and start the South Beach heart Diet. Wow! Hit a guy when he's down! Anyway, what this means for my family is, we all will be dieting.

I know nothing about the diet or cooking for the diet or what to eat. I see a trip to Barnes and Noble in my future. It will ultimately be up to me to fix it, after all I have been cooking for us for 22 years and got us in this position. *sigh* Like I said, It sucks getting old! Never in my life have I been at so many doctor appointments. yuck yuck yuck!

What this all boils down to is............... loss of mojo! Its been sucked out of me! I will try to craft again, I promise. It will come back eventually. Its just on a little break. I even bought new stamps and I am looking forward to the new SU catty for sure. Just don't know how to get the mojo back for now.

here is a cute bunny picture to cheer you up after that depressing post!


Stampin_melissa said...

{{{Hugs}}} Karen! Uggh on the diet and the low iron. Take care of yourself. Once you are feeling better physically it will be easier to find your mojo.

Brenda said...

Aw, Karen. I can't believe all the bad luck your family has had this past week! Good luck with everything and please keep us posted on everything.

Linda Bandow said...

Karen: Your bunny reminds me of our first pet, Max, a chinchilla rabbit.....he was great and litter box trained. Your poor husbands leg looks somewhatlike my husband three years ago when he rolled his semi. I understand your loss of mojo....a lot of bad ju-ju to prcess in a short period of time....it will get easier. I have cut back on a lot of the things I used to make and we are healthier if not skinnier.