Friday, January 16, 2009

Black Cloud over Cedar Park

Would someone please come and remove the black cloud over us? After getting the news from hubby's doctor on Tuesday, the day went downhill even more. We got the phone call no parent ever wants to get. The one saying, "Your daughter has been in a car accident"

*blood drains from head and settles around the feet*

"Where is she, is she hurt, where did it happen, we will be there in 5 minutes or less"
This is what we rolled up on. That wreck and our daughter on the stretcher with paramedics. She is going to be fine. No bad injuries. The other 2 17 yo girls are ok, one has a broken rib. Everyone wore their seat belts and no one was drinking or taking drugs. My daughter made a serious error, she ran a red light, she wasn't paying attention. The other car is damaged but the occupents walked away with no injuries. Our daughter has bruises, scrapes, and is sore from head to toe. She is so so lucky to be here in one piece. Thank goodness for airbags and seat belts, thats all I have to say!

I am now back to being fulltime chauffer again. She says she will never drive again. I plan to give her time to heal then make her get behind the wheel in a few weeks. I really don't want her to be afraid and dependent for the rest of her life. We are taking baby steps.

I may need therapy and lots of alcohol!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

someday I will stamp

Well maybe. I did try yesterday , I even colored an image. Maybe I will make something out of it soon. Lately I have been having some issues. I am experiencing low Iron and B12 according to the hematologist I am seeing. She is sending me on to the GI doctor to see if its an absorption thing or poor diet thing. I am thinking its diet. But I really don't know. I hate getting old, I truly do! Its been depressing me, or is having no energy depressing me? I don't know. I am taking B12 and Iron tablets right now and should see an improvement soon.

Meanwhile, Hubby has himself a little accident involving the back of his truck and a chair. He was standing on a chair when the chair broke out from under him and really did a number on his leg. Here is proof of his pain>

So anyway, he goes to the doctor because it was killing him after 3 days of suffering and is told he will be fine in about 2-3 weeks. But, he is told he is in deep trouble for not following up from a heart scan he had 2 years earlier. The doctor pulls out the results and explains to him that he is in danger of having a heart attack any day , a walking time bomb. He's got plaque in his arteries. For the past 2 years he was reading the results himself completely wrong! He has the heart of a 59 year old(he's 46) and he needs to go have blood work, a sleep study, and he needs to quit dipping and start the South Beach heart Diet. Wow! Hit a guy when he's down! Anyway, what this means for my family is, we all will be dieting.

I know nothing about the diet or cooking for the diet or what to eat. I see a trip to Barnes and Noble in my future. It will ultimately be up to me to fix it, after all I have been cooking for us for 22 years and got us in this position. *sigh* Like I said, It sucks getting old! Never in my life have I been at so many doctor appointments. yuck yuck yuck!

What this all boils down to is............... loss of mojo! Its been sucked out of me! I will try to craft again, I promise. It will come back eventually. Its just on a little break. I even bought new stamps and I am looking forward to the new SU catty for sure. Just don't know how to get the mojo back for now.

here is a cute bunny picture to cheer you up after that depressing post!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bunny Escapades

Its been awhile since I took pictures of our rabbit Sugar........he is something else. He lets us put him on his back and clip his nails and groom him, but he also will let us strap him in a harness and leash and walk him. He is very domesticated. He will be 3 years old in April and I never dreamed we would have these rabbits this long. Rosie is not nearly as tolerant of being played with but she lets me trim her nails. Someday I will actually get a good picture of Rosie, I think. She is super fat and needs to walk on the leash. Sugar barely fits in this harness. He is a little pudgy too. Both our rabbits are *fixed* and we were hoping to cage them together but they don't like each other even though they are mother and son. Enjoy the bunny escapades!