Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Magnetic solutions

I have a problem, I am a closet stamper. No really, I stamp in a closet. I have run out of room big time. I am always looking for a new better way to store stuff. My dies are the biggest problem for me right now. I normally use CD cases for my nestabilities but some just don't fit. Now I have MFT and TCP dies to find storage for. I won't use them if I can't get to them easily. My solution is this. I bought a big magnetic craft sheet, stuck it on my wall with push pins, and voila'. Problem solved, well sort of. I need another one LOL.I have room for one more higher above this one. It won't be as convenient up higher, but it will work. I like everything to be at my arms reach. Funny thing is when I was putting these up I found some I didn't know I had. Oiy! I gotta get out of the closet someday.

PS: I got the magnetic sheet at Hobby Lobby. It was rolled up in a tube so I stuck it on the side of the fridge overnight to get it to lay flatter. It wanted to buckle a little at first from being rolled so long.


Libby Hickson said...

That is really cool Karen. Where do you get that big sheet of magnetic stuff?? I stamp in a closet too, btw. :-)

Gailanne said...

I too would love to find out where that huge sheet of metallic material is available to purchase. Please share your source! Thanks so much.

texasjodylynn said...

That is really cool!