Thursday, July 12, 2012

The other day my husband requested a birthday card for someone he knows that has fallen on hard times. I needed a card with next to no embelishments. Well, that was almost impossible for me. Oh and he needed it that same day. What?!! No warning? Just pull off a man card in an hour? I can't do it! First of all, I have probably a couple hundred cards in my stash. He knows this and says, "just dig through that pile and find one". Ummm, hello, I have no man stamps. There , I said it. All my stuff is girly or cutsie. I have a tie set, and a golf set, and a BBQ set, but none of those would work. The fishing bear was too cute too. Sigh. Texana design to the rescue. Cactus worked. Sorry about the blur, he gave me about 10 seconds to take a picture. I am not even sure the glue was dry when he shoved it in the envelope.

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