Thursday, September 24, 2015

My experience with an online watercolor class

So this week I have been attending an Online Card Class for Watercoloring. I have never wanted to take a class online before, I felt like I could watch enough YouTube videos for free to learn about crafting. I just really needed some help with watercoloring. I feel like I can color with my Copics good enough to not be embarrassed after using them for a few years. This class seemed like a good idea. I read through the supply list and felt pretty confidant that I had enough of the supplies to actively participate. I own watercolor crayons from Stampin Up, Zig Clean Color Real Brush pens, gelatos(well, 4) Distress Inks, even a crayola pan set with 24 colors. I don't have any tube paints (scary) or Watercolor pencils(shocking). I watched all the videos for the 3day class, and read all the information. I decided to participate and even uploaded a few cards after I tried the techniques that I could. It's been fun but messy practicing. I learned a few things:

1. I need better brushes, mine shed. I bought a package at Michaels on sale(Craftsmart brand)
2. I need a package of watercolor pencils
3. I need to keep a clean cup of water next to my dirty rinse cup.
4. I will waste a lot of watercolor paper and I need to get over it.
5. I am NOT good at watercoloring! I need more practice.
6. I have a heavy hand with color...I don't do Light very well.

Here are a few pictures I took of some of the messes I made and some of the final projects I came up with So far.

Dreamy with Faded Jean Distress Ink

practice 1 blended distress

practice2 blending distress inks

unfinished, but colored crazy bird with watercolor crayons and up against distress background

colored with Zig real brush markers

colored with crayola 24 pan set(was a hot mess)

Zig real brush pens very first card attempt before class began

another Zig real brush pens with distess ink background, before class

my desk after this week, the floor is a mess too with paper everywhere LOL

So, I am glad I took this class and it has me inspired to try more classes in the future.


Pam Spicer said...

Looks like you have done your homework! I am taking the class too and I am also from Texas! I plan on trying the techniques out today. I don't do enough watercolor.

Kelly Harms said...

These are lovely cards. I totally identify with all your comments. I hate to waste things practicing but I'm learning that's the only way to really become more proficient with them. And I don't to light very well either!

I'm a supplies junky and have lots of almost all of the supplies, but didn't have a good sense of how I should use them -- they just looked cool, and well, I had to have them! (I will be getting the water-soluble oil pastels as soon as I find a place that isn't out of stock!)

Marj said...

I think your cards turned out pretty! Especially the "hot mess" flower card!

craftytreen said...

wow. you did some wonderful cards. it looks like you had a good time (your desk, lol) mine looks worse. well, the whole room is totally trashed. thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love everything you did. craft on!