Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I should post something

To all my subscribers.........I apologize. I have been neglecting to stamp or post or journal. Last week I went to my mom's house to help her with her Ebay auction and to show her how to do some digital camera stuff. This week I am sick with a head cold. While I was in San Antonio I went to a stamp store called Stamp Antonio and shopped a little. Well very little actually. There were way too many choices for me to decide!Then I went to a little Scrapstore (I forgot the name) and got the Sweet and Sassy Primas. I didn't buy much but I still had a nice time. Hopefully I will be stamping again soon.


Alli said...

You should post more, your fans miss you! :)
Gorgeous stash, love the primas and the stamps.

InspiredByInk said...

Hi Karen,
I see from your shopping pic you have some hinges just like I do.. How do you attach them? I thought they would have holes! Maybe I can have my DH drill some into them. I was going to make a hinged coaster frame but don't know how to attach.

Oh and feel better soon! Get lots of rest... head colds are the WORST! Congrats on the archivers! I have not had the guts to go into the one closest to me...don't want to get started lol.

hugs~~bobbie Ü

Lisa said...

Lovin' those primas.