Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ohhh Yeah!!!!

I just went to my mail box and what did I see? I received an ad for Archivers....Coming soon!!!!!! Oh my Gosh! I am so excited. I am getting an Archivers out near my house! They are taking applications for full-time and Partime employment. The ad says apply now. Do I dare? Could I handle it? Could this be my dream job? Do I want a job? Oh I am so excited to have a great store like that near me! It is going to be in the same shopping center as my Mall, Linen's 'N Things, Best Buy, Toys R Us ect.... woohoooo I am so stoked!


Alli said...

You have to go for it. I know you don't have a reference but why don't you take a portfolio of your work in, they would snap you up in a second, they would be stupid not to.

Lisa said...

Karen, go for it! I think you have great skills for a store like that. I'd be a reference for you! LOL

TexasLonghorns (Geeta) said...

Hey Karen!
Try it! Could be fun! Is this in the Lakeline Mall shopping center? OH BOY!