Monday, July 23, 2007

Polly want a cracker?

ok, we are the luckiest or unluckiest people ever depending on who you ask. My mom got a little surprise today on her porch. This little Conure was hiding from the rain and decided it liked my mom. So my mom holds out her hand and it hops right on her and then walks up and nestles on her shoulder. Its a runaway but obviously been hand trained and is highly social. So here is where is gets tricky. She wants to give it to my daughter that has been begging for a bird for years. She went and got a cage for it and everything. DD is already calling it her bird. Well, hubby comes home and I try to break it to him over a nice juicy steak and he looks right at me and says, "NO bird, I already told ya'll no more rescuing animals.... I mean it , no bird unless of course you get rid of the rabbits, then you can have the bird." Now DS is crying "no one is taking my rabbit" and DD is oblivious because she is in her room watching a movie with her friend that came over. So now I either have to go and catch the wrath of both my mom and daughter, or I get to spend a few days trying to convince DH that a bird really isn't that bad of a pet. I have a feeling that this bird will get to live with my sister because DH was not acting like he would ever change his mind. Ohhhh why me why me?


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Birds are more fun than rabbits.