Friday, September 19, 2008

I haven't dropped dead or anything...YET

I have been working on my house cleaning and de-cluttering and miscellaneous stuff for a week or more. Yesterday I had my carpet cleaned and its still not dry. My stamp closet door has been blocked by my LR recliner and I can't get in there. Hopefully I can move it back later today. Parts of my carpet felt dry but others are still damp. We have a surprise birthday party to attend in Ft Worth on Saturday night so we are staying in a hotel that night with both the kids. They will probably try to kill one another but DH is bringing the duct tape just in case. I am also co- hostessing a SCS shoebox swap in a few weeks and I have been doing things to get ready for that event. Its on World Cardmaking day. Should be fun. Anyway, my blog is being neglected for now. Just way too much other stuff to do.

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