Friday, February 27, 2009

Park Avenue

I could not love these stamps sets more if I tried! I love the new SU Manhattan and Park Avenue sets! In fact I only really wanted 3 sets out of the new catty this year and 2 come from the same line. They are just classy! I tried to embellish this up and couldn't bring myself to do it. I had some ribbon on there and pulled it off after after about 2 seconds. LOL. I broke out the dew drops, the silver bell dew drops to be more precise, and stuck them on there for fun. Brads would have worked out too, I just have a bazillion dew drops I would like to use before I am too old to stamp anymore. Anyway, more reluctance to buy all the new in colors this year is over. I officially have all but tangerine now. By the way, I am stamping again if you hadn't noticed. I may be back into it again for awhile. Finally!!!!

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