Sunday, December 17, 2006

Good Sunday Morning

Well I am getting behind on my posting again. I am sorry. Its a little hectic here lately and I haven't had the time to stamp. I did manage to get out some christmas cards and most of my shopping is completed. We just bought a used car for my daughter, she turns 16 in February and we stumbled upon a deal. My mom has a friend that was selling her husbands car and it only had 50,000 miles on it and it is a 1998 Buick Riviera. It is in immaculate condition. Very few scratches, perfect carpet, clean engine, repaire and service history were included. It was a deal. In fact its nicer than my own car. It even has leather seats and power windows and locks. My first car was what I like to call "the lemon". It was called that for multiple reasons, number 1, it was yellow (1978 Pontiac Sunbird), number 2. it stalled or overheated whenever I was stopped at a stop sign or long traffic light, number 3. it had no air conditioning but the heat worked great and in fact as long as the heat was on it tended to not overheat as easily. This is a problem living in south/central Texas in the summer. It also only had an AM radio. Boy have times changed. It was normal for kids turning 16 to have very used cars, like used up and ready for the pastuer. Some of my friends were lucky to get their mom or dads old cars and they were usually very nice even if they were used. These days kids need something reliable and efficient to drive. No one works on their own cars anymore, no time for that......gotta work to pay for all the stuff we need. So my dear daughter gets a very nice reliable Buick to drive. She also gets the responsibilities that go along with it. She will have to get a job (yippeee), keep up her grades in school, and service it it when it needs oil changes and other work. She is very happy and grateful and I think she will take good care of it. I now will need some kind of nerve pills to get through this next stage...maybe some therapy or take up drinking, not sure which yet. Or maybe my stamping therapy will kick into hyper drive and I will become a stamping fool. Lookout stampin' up here I come!

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stampin_melissa said...

Oh my Karen! I think it best to stick with the stampin' rather than the drinkin' but you know, maybe you need both! LOL! I'm not looking forward to the day that my DS becomes a teenager! ;)