Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another Birthday card

I realized I needed a birthday card for my SIL for the 11th so I had to force myself to stamp again. I broke a Jody rule and stamped a sentiment directly over other colors......sorry Jody. This is watercolored using re-inkers and an aquapainter. The main image is by Joyce Meyer from jaminstamps.com. I am a little fuzzy this morning from the muscle relaxer I took for my back so please don't hold me responsible for any mistakes LOL. We leave tonight for SA, drop off the kids at my moms and then tomorrow we head out to Vegas. Wish me good luck.
* PS the colors were chosen for the color challenge on scs

1 comment:

texasjodylynn said...

you didn't break a rule. LMAO You used black... then it is acceptable. LMAO :) HUGS! You loopy, muscle relaxed girlie!