Sunday, August 12, 2007


For my son Blake............he wanted me to take a picture of Sugar in the new photobox under the lights. LOL. Poor Sugar! He puts up with us all the time. He is actually shedding so bad that I can't stand it. He didn't last long in the photo box so this was a quick picture. He moved too much to get a good one and his fur was all over the place. Maybe I will try again sometime later.

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Stamper Gail said...

Oh poor Sugar! My little guys Bunny Foo Foo & Beau don't pose well for photo's either. Darn little buggers huh? Aren't they just the loves of our lives though? Hope you can get all that fur cleaned up. Foo sheds worse than Beau and Beau has much longer fur. Don't understand that one.

Thanks for sharing your little one with us.