Saturday, December 01, 2007

Before and After

I have decided to post a few pictures of my old furniture in the family room so you can see how nice my room will look after I get the new furniture. Can you tell I am bored? I tried stamping but I didn't like anything I was making so I stopped. Now I am just bored.

So, in 2000 we had a flood in our house from a broken hose on our washing machine. We woke up to the sound of water running when it should have been very quiet. At 3am......because apparently that is when emergencies happen. We ended up having to replace our whole living room with furniture. I decided to get a whole new look at that time. Well, time has passed and although the furniture was nice in 2000 its not so stylish and its all worn out now. We got our money worth in other words LOL. My colors were burgundy, moss green and taupe. *don't judge me, it looked good to me back then*

Tomorrow we are getting a trailer and driving to San Antonio to pick up my new sofa, end table, and a chair. I will still be on the hunt for a new recliner. I thought I wanted my grandmothers but its not the right color so instead of taking a practically brand new leather recliner, I am going to spend even more money buying a brand new one because I want it to be the right color. I will still need drapes and wall art and maybe accessories, but I am moving into a new color scheme finally and I know it will have to last for many years so I want to chose wisely. I can not wait to have new stuff finally!
I will post pictures when I get the furniture home.

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