Monday, December 10, 2007

O' Christmas Tree O' Christmas Tree

Here is my tree. It has a lot less "bling" than normal. I left off a bunch of stuff this year. We are spending the holidays at the grandparents house and no one is coming for a visit, so we did the minimum. LOL. Looking at this picture tells me that we have too many ornaments on the left and not as many on the right side. I was worried about the side facing the door having enough and I guess the guys forgot about the other side. I guess I will rearrange some ornaments. I am a little disappointed because I have been collecting Hallmark Lighted ornaments for years and this year the ornaments can't be plugged into the lights. This tree has LED lights, its a new pre-lit tree. I added a new single strand of lights specifically for me to plug in the lighted ornaments. A few of the plugs are compatible but my lighthouse with the light in the beacon won't work, and I have an ormament that had a little train that goes in a circle and it won't work either. I guess my lighted ornament collecting ends this year. This is what we spent the day on yesterday. Now I am back to covering cookie tins for hubby's office.

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