Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A little atlering

I decides to alter some chocolate covered nuts for my husband to take to the office for co-workers that gave him gifts this year. Well, I figured 3 was a good start because not everyone will bring him something. I was totally mistaken. Hubby says there is no way he can only bring a gift to a couple people, its all or none! He tells me, " Go get 27 more and decorate them"! I don't think so! I spent almost an hour on the first one and probably 35-40 minutes on the second one. The 12 x 12 paper has to be pieced because it doesn't fit all the way around ! Not to mention I used the good ribbon on these!
I am not sure what I will do about it. I may see if I can get smaller cans and cheaper ribbon, buy a cuttlbug for the chipboard tags ect... He has no idea how much these cans of nuts will cost us LMBO!


Leslie said...

That is pretty funny, Karen. I wish my Dh woudl want something like that.

Ashley Bowen said...

Oh how pretty!!! I love those tins so much!!! How fun! Hugs! Ash