Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome home Sugar

The worlds biggest rabbit hutch is finally finished and today was move in day. He is scared to death right now and doesn't know what to think about it but he needs to get used to it fast because he is no longer a house rabbit. I think he will be fine. there is shade and protection from the elements and it backs up to the north side of the shed so there will be protection from the wind. He looks slightly disgruntled about it right now but it will get better soon.
Next up, Rosie moves in. It won't be until later though because DD had to work at 5 and won't be home until late tonight. She will get her walking papers tomorrow!
Woohooo for me!


texasjodylynn said...

Super cute! Their new home is very nice. :) I hope they like it out there.

Libby Hickson said...

The Sugar Shack! How cute! It looks pretty darn nice, hopefully the bunnies will adjust quickly! :-)