Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ahhhhh wrapped and ready!

I received my first batch of ribbon and cards to wrap them on and spent about 3 hours or so wrapping it up. I ran out of the organizing cards and will be getting some more soon I hope. I love how pretty the ribbon looks all wrapped up and organized. I am participating in a second round of ribbon swaps so I will be all stocked up for a long time. I have 10 yards of ribbon per card and 42 colors. I think 10 yards is about all these cards can hold comfortably. I could squeeze more on but I think it would make it too bulky. I am so happy with the organizing drawers too. I will need another 1-2 by the time all is said and done. Hope I can find more. They work great.!
* I have had some questions reguarding these ribbon cards and drawers. They are the 3 x 3 ribbon cards by Cropper Hopper and the drawers are 3 x 3 also. I got my drawers at Hobby Lobby. I got the ribbon cards and clips from an ebay store. HTH.........I will look for a link and see if I can find it again.


texasjodylynn said...

Beautiful! I decided not to use the clips, they were bothering me. LOL

Jen said...

Your ribbon looks so pretty all neatly spooled!! Have tons of fun playing with it!

Anonymous said...

where do you find such containers? TIA :0) Kamie

tamimoreno said...

Hi! I am participating in the January ribbon share she is doing in december and am wondering what you used to store your ribbon - the cards and the container - where did you locate that and approx. how much does it cost?
Thanks so much!
Tami - morenomtej@yahoo.com