Monday, November 13, 2006

Nothing New

Today I did not stamp.........I am working on organizing the ribbon from the ribbon swap. I got some ribbon cards to wind it on. They are from Cropper Hopper and I got them off Ebay. I don't have enough but my friend Nicki has me on a list someplace at her LSS and is supposed to be getting some when they come in. They work very well and I hope I can get some more because I have more ribbon. I am putting it in a 3x3 drawer from cropper hopper too. It seems like it will work great for storage. I need more though. I also lost like 5 bid wars on ebay for a Nintendo Gamecube system for my son for his birthday. I will try it again tomorrow. I was offered a second chance offer on one but its not as good a deal(came with fewer games) I am not sure I want that one now. Anyway, thats what I have done today. Bid on ebay, wind ribbon, housework, grocery shopping and the usual boring stuff I do. Maybe I can stamp tomorrow;)

Also, Rosie Rabbit has a bad ear infection.........might be ear mites so we are trying olive oil treatment as recommended on a web site for rabbits. Now I am worried about her. She is the sweet, tiny black rabbit.

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Stamper Gail said...

I'm sorry about Rosie Rabbit. These little critters sure are delicate aren't they. I got my Little Bunny Foo Foo last spring and Beau Bunny in September. They are both Lionheads and I love them so much. I've learned an awful lot from this Yahoo Web site
so in case you arent aware of it, you might want to check it out. If you wish to email me, I can also send you a bunch of web sites that you can visit that pertain to bunnies and their health.

Sure hope Rosie starts feeling better real soon.