Monday, September 10, 2007


I haven't spoken about my MIL in a very long time it seems. Some of my friends will remember that we almost lost my MIL to a disease called TTP almost 2 years ago. He recovery has been long and difficult but she has slowly regained many of her abilities. She is still in a wheelchair and invalid but she is finally speaking more clearly to where we can understand her easier. It has been so hard to see her struggle. My FIL sent us these pictures today and I thought I would share them. My MIL looks so very happy with a great big smile on her face and I love to see her that way again. The others in the picture are my SIL Delayne, BIL Tom(the dentist) and their little girl Emmie. Shortly after this picture my MIL had another seizure that lasted only 3-4 minutes but she came out of it tired but okay. Seizures are a way of life for her now and we pray they lesson soon. They take all her energy away. Just a happy little picture to show you.


Nicki said...

Karen... it is so great to see her smiling!!! So sad that the day had to be ruined by a seizure again for her! I hope she continues to recover well! Happy Hugs!!

CresceNet said...
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