Friday, September 21, 2007

The story of the great escape

So as you all know we have 2 rabbits, a mama rabbit named Rosie, and her son Sugar. Well, in the last few months we have had their separate cages sitting next to one another in our gameroom on the floor. Rosie is a little dwarf sized bunny and she is too small to jump out of her cage so DD often leaves the lid up so she can walk by and pet her or drop a carrot in or whatever. DD is actually lazy and just leaves it open all the time. Well Sugar can jump out and I have caught him sitting on top of his cage before. His cage is always closed. He has a door on the top and a door on the side. Well, this morning as I was laying in bed trying not to be awake yet(not time to actually get up) I hear a sound. Its a strange sound like a weird bird or something and I keep listening and listening. Finally I get up and walk toward the door and it stops. Hmmmmm. I walk around the corner to see if I hear it in the gameroom. No sound but I look at the rabbits. Everything seems normal. But then I look closer. Hmmmm, where is Sugar? Then I see it.........the front door to his cage has been opened. OH NOOOOOOO! Then I see a few rabbit pellets scattered about the room. THEN, to my absolute horror, I see Sugar stand up and look at me from INSIDE ROSIES CAGE. OHHHH NOOOOOOO! He has gotten inside her cage and something has happened to her because her fur is everywhere in little tufts. It has been pulled out. I think she has been raped and her cage pillaged! She was huddled in the corner not moving. DD and DS are up and in the room by now saying " its your fault, no its your fault". DD gets Rosie out and holds her and she is all shaky, but besides the fur being pulled out, she has no other signs of trauma. No bleeding or anything.

So, anyone want to take bets on how many rabbits we have now?

Its just another average day at the Van De Walle house. Now I guess I will get on the phone and try to find a vet to take care of this situation.


Jan Scholl said...

the exact reason why I only has girlie bunnies. I Had mine for 14 years. And she was still the virgin queen upon her death. I wish I lived closer-I woul dlove another one as she was a drarf too.

Stamper Gail said...

Oh, this sounds only too familiar. Mine are both boys though. I have one escape artist and although he's the groomer of the two, they can't be trusted to be alone together anymore. He grooms the other for a few min, then madly attacks him. He's so jealous and very sneaky. As we speak he's trying to push his door open to get at the other one who has free roam during the night hours. Foo Foo has free roam all day and early evening so that they can both have equal turns out of their cage.

I don't know if you are aware of this, but bunnies should be altered for several reasons. Females because they are very prone to uterine cancer and males because it helps their raging hormones. I got both of mine done when they were 6 months. The second one Beau, was spraying and it was pretty nasty.

I did have them bonded for a few months, but one day I came home to find Beau all tattered and torn. He had very deep wounds and it took a while to get him all healed up. Now they are never out of their cages at the same time unless I'm right there to intervene should they get into a fight. It's so strange that these little creatures can have such a love/hate relationship.

Wishing you the very best that she's not going to be a mom anytime soon!

Nicki said...

*trying not to snicker* OMGosh! Karen it is kind of funny... *holding straight face* Ummm... let's hope it was a false alarm.

Kim said...

all I'm gonna say is TG it's your house and not mine! LOL!