Friday, September 07, 2007

This is where the journaling part of my blog comes into play

I am often amazed at how as grown adults we can feel like children again so easily. Sometimes things happen in life that make you step back and go, "wow, how did I get into this mess." Whether its a fight with your husband, parent, children, or friends, it can catch you off guard and make you want to throw a temper tantrum, kick your feet, throw something, or hurt someone. I guess life is like that. I try to live my life with the "live and let live" policy as much as posible but once in awhile I like to act out. Rebel even a little. Or in this case rebel alot.

I often chat online in a forum on Splitcoaststampers. Over the past 3 years I have made some very close friends that I love talking to everyday. We share things about our families, friends and daily lives. We all have a love of papercrafting, rubberstamping some scrapbooking too. Sometimes we get together in real life and stamp, shop, eat out and have fun. Its really been fun.

This past few months we have had some problems with people I like to call pot-stirrers; people that take pleasure in stirring up trouble when they don't get their way or are bored or as a way to get back at others. Now I realize that some people just don't like each other, can't see eye to eye or whatever...they are different. That is normal. What I don't like is when one person tries to influence someone else with their opinions. I believe there has been some maliscious behavior going on in my happy little world.

Recently 2 of the people I am friends with had a fight. Then two other people had a fight, then another person got involved, Pretty soon a great division took place. I was sent a private message telling me some things I would like to share here because I can...its my blog.

First I received this message in response to something I said in a thread publicly:

Karen:I am not trying to throw anybody under any train but you were not aware of any "problems" with the rolodex swap. So I though I inform you

Originally Posted by Dorinda
In light of all of the tension and animosity between you and I, I think it would be best if you remove yourself from the Rolodex swap that I am hostessing.If you do not gracefully remove yourself then I will remove you. I am not comfortable with you as a participant in light of the things that have been happening not only between you and I but with others as well. Please remember that it was your own actions that brought this about.

I thought to myself...okay she thinks this bothers me...I already knew this, its no news to me. So I replied:
Carolina,I knew about that. That's not news to me. As far as I am concerned Dorinda was the hostess of that swap and she could do whatever she wanted. If she wasn't comfortable having you in her swap then she has every right to un-invite you. Thats between the two of you. You seem to take pleasure in making her uncomfortable which I find very strange given your age. Stop playing like a friend and be one or leave the rest of us alone. I have been friends with Dorinda a long time and don't intend to stop now. Karen

Then she replied back to me:

Karen:I seems that you are either blind or you just don't want to see I am the one making Dorinda uncomfortable???Who started rumors about me last year?? She made look evil for a joke... maybe distasteful for her but a joke!!I have apologized for it and for the feelings I might have hurt but the only one that is not letting go of that is HER!!Otherwise why would she refuse to talk to me and try to solve the problem amiably?? It beats me speacially giving the "fact" that she is the "victim"BTW I am being a friend to those that are my friends and act like such. So stop accusing me of being anything but a friend just because I don't bow to her, I am not asking you now not ever to stop being friends with anybody. You are a grown up woman and surely you have a mind of your own.And about the age thing!! I recommend you too start acting your age too.Carolina Carolina,
I never liked you, always tried to give you the benefit of the doubt about things because they didn't concern me directly. I didn't have to like you. I chose to pretty much disreguard you when you annoyed me. I was getting good at ignoring you. But you kept poking at my friends, making people distrust each other, spread nasty rumors, tell some out and out lies that you were caught at. It was getting harder and harder to ignore you much like a scab that needs picking. I finally decided to tell you how I felt and you clearly couldn't handle being dismissed. I am neither blind nor childlike, I just don't like you and wish you would go away and leave the people I do like alone. I am not going to discuss it with you, I am not going to say anything to you. I am ending my part of the whole disagreement with you. I still wish you would just go away but I realize you have no real life and take pleasure from making others notice you like a child by getting negative attention. I am done with you. Goodbye.

There, I had my temper tantrum and I will get back to my happy place....UPS just delivered my SU order. Smooches!


Dorinda said...

(((hugs))) Karen I *heart* you muchly

Amanda Sewell said...

Love ya Karen! I had no idea! Thanks for the informative post. Oh and have fun with your SU order -- play play play and then post post post!!! I can't wait to hang out with you and everyone else again!


Teresa said...

Enlightening and well stated!!!! Thanks for posting this, Karen!

Leslie said...

Karen, hugs!!!! I have no idea what has happened but I am here to be your friend as always.

Nessa said...

I am in no way involved with your "tiff" here, and I offer no opinions on it whatsover. But I just have to say - doesn't a box of new toys always melt the stress away?!?! LOVE IT! Have fun!

P.S. I like your BLOG - stumbled across it today and I am enjoying it.